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1. Research Coordination

Rwanda’s history, geopolitical location, and major and rapid advances across a number of areas in the past two decades have made it a frequent candidate for research in a variety of fields. Experts worldwide are increasingly interested in including the Rwandan case among several research themes.

This rise in interest in Rwanda has not however been properly coordinated to facilitate researchers to reach areas and information that are of interest to them in an efficient and effective way. An assessment conducted by Rwanda Cooperation with different institutions indicated that there is no proper institutional arrangement to facilitate such researchers.

Rwanda Cooperation provides research coordination services for researchers in various fields, through acting as a central hub for facilitation to access public institutions and data, field locations, connecting with local and central government officials, as well as other private institutions and companies.

Working with Rwanda Cooperation puts researchers on a fast track to gain quick and coordinated access to the country’s systems.

2. Advisory

Through its advisory services, Rwanda Cooperation provides foreign institutions with technical assistance in developing projects or programmes that will be implemented using their own staff and local experts, and delegates Rwandan experts to advise the institutions until a stage when they are confident in their own capacity to handle operations.

Rwanda Cooperation ensures that advisory operations are conducted in the interest of our partners institutions, and has built a database of experts in all areas of interest that stand ready to be deployed abroad for these operations.

3. Project Implementation

Rwanda Cooperation provides project implementation services as a result of bilateral agreements which Rwanda signs with foreign countries and institutions, or the interest arising from conducted advisory services and/or training operations at the end of which recipient institutions express the wish to emulate the Rwandan experience in their own countries

Projects that were implemented in Rwanda in partnership with international development partners, and on which Rwanda has built localized know-how can also be exported to new funding recipient countries, through a tripartite agreement between the development partner, the recipient country, and Rwanda. For the recipient country, this bears the advantage of benefiting from already tested initiatives and experts who have operated in similar local realities.

Examples include the roll-out of Revenue Collection Systems, the development of Public Finance Management Systems at the central and local levels, urbanization and rural settlement (urban planning, upgrading, city beautification, plastic bags ban management....), ICT, and more.

Rwanda Cooperation conducts mobilization of development partners to finance operations, facilitates the sourcing of technicians from public or private Rwandan institutions with the necessary expertise to oversee the successful implementation of the projects, as well as the transfer of required knowledge to ensure the projects’ sustainability.