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Rwandapedia is a digital learning platform for students, researchers, policymakers, journalists and public servants. Its vast trove of information – presented through documents, images, videos and audio recordings – allows visitors to learn about the policies and programmes that have contributed to Rwanda’s development.

Rwandapedia is a two-in-one platform. It functions as a free encyclopaedic repository of documents, images and videos that together tell the story of Rwanda's advances across the social, economic and governance sectors as well as the country’s key cultural and historical events.

The platform’s online learning features also expose learners to a large variety of courses detailing the home-grown as well as adapted innovative policies and programmes that have contributed to Rwanda’s development. These courses provide learners with accurate, chronicled, and data supported approaches to Rwanda’s innovative policies; detailing the challenges encountered along the way and how they were overcome. The trainings also provide insight into good practices that are being implemented elsewhere in Africa in different public sector areas.

Rwandapedia is easily accessible worldwide, and a team of researchers is constantly updating its information to bring you the latest statistics, interviews, photos and videos from across Rwanda.