Areas Of Expertise
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Our experts provide research, analysis and implementation support across the following areas:

Public Finance Management

Explore how to ensure efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources as a basis for economic development.

Enable interactions between government and business services to drive economic growth.

Find out more about how activities such as e-procurement, e-taxation and transparent auditing, reduce corruption and boost tax income...



Community Health Management

Discover how to strengthen healthcare systems to improve livelihoods and develop communities.

Create policies to engage the population in decision-making and community planning.

Explore how healthcare initiatives, including Community Health Workers and Health Insurance (mutuelle de santé) reduce maternal and infant mortality and increase life expectancy...




Find out how to design and implement governance systems that enhance citizen participation.

Put people at the heart of political, public and corporate governance.

Discover how initiatives rooted in Rwanda’s culture and heritage such as Imihigo (performance contracts) have instilled a spirit of participation amongst citizens and promoted accountability and focused planning in its leaders...



Social Protection Programs

Determine how to create initiatives that reduce poverty and inequality.

Develop support for the most vulnerable through safety-net interventions.

Delve into innovative initiatives such as Ubudehe (collective action to fight poverty)and Girinka (One Cow Per Poor Family) that have played a significant role in lifting more than one million people out of extreme poverty....



Land Management and Infrastructure

Understand how to collect and manage land data and build reliable infrastructure.

Foster effective land management and infrastructure development to support growth.

Discover how the development of a national land use development master plan has improved the lives of Rwandans,....



Energy and Environment

Learn how to build energy resilience and sustainable environmental management.

Boost economic growth, protect ecosystems and promote social equity.

Find out how Rwanda’s unique community-led environmental protection initiatives have created a strong constituency for conservation and green growth...



Ease of Doing Business

Uncover how to create a conducive environment for local and foreign investment.

Create a preferred investment destination and drive job creation

Discover how Rwanda rose to second place in sub-Saharan Africa, for ease of doing business in the World Bank’s annual Doing Business Report.



Judicial Reforms

Identify how to promote and facilitate the rule of law, equality and fairness.

Build strong institutions that inspire trust, strengthen the independence of the judiciary and reform judicial systems.

Immerse yourself in the journey of transformation of Rwanda’s judicial system and learn about the innovations that are improving access to justice for all...



Gender Equity

Gain insight into how prioritizing gender as a cross-cutting issue promotes equality and drives growth.

Create laws and policies that ensure women and men enjoy equal rights.

Explore how Rwanda became the best place in Africa to be a woman and 9th globally in the World Economic Forum's 2020 Global Gender Gap Report.